Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Book Review of Jocelyn Modo's Book “First Heat”

Kissa Alassane has gone into heat and now must decide who she wants to mate with. You would think this would be an easy decision, but not Kissa. She has gone and made things complicated for herself by deciding to mate with an alternate male, rather than listening to her miue and mate with Venor Brun. She has always liked Venor up until she learns that he has cheated on her while they were a couple. She decides to flee her pride and run off to Austin to get away from every male in her pride that desires her. She must decide if she is going to mate, or wait until her next heat. What will Kissa do?

“First Heat” is a love story of trust and forgiveness. Jocelyn Modo does fantastic job with this book. Her writing skills suck you into the love story between Kissa and Venor. This is great love story and I recommend this book to everyone. Click Here to view more of this book review.

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