Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Book Review of Heart of a Vampire 1: Darelle’s Trinity

Heart of a Vampire 1: Darelle’s Trinity: by Sedonia Guillone

Short Excerpt from "Heart of a Vampire 1: Darelle’s Trinity":

He brought his fingers to Darelle’s lips. “Go on, my lady,” he urged gently. “Have your fill.” He wiped a bit of honey on her lip, which she licked off. The pleasure of the sweet taste nearly caused her to moan. Without thinking, she grasped Kane’s hand and suckled each one of his fingers clean of the amber substance, finding she enjoyed the sensation of his large fingers filling her mouth as much as she savored the honey itself. When she lifted her face away from his fingers, she heard his ragged breathing. His large chest rose and fell heavily. On her other side, Gareth’s breath too, had slipped to a ragged sound, and she realized that witnessing her little feast had aroused him as well. Embarrassed, she released Kane’s hand. “Thank you, my lord. I’m sorry for my greed.” 

Sedonia Guillone's "Heart of a Vampire 1: Darelle’s Trinity" oozes sensuality and eroticism. You'll be blushing all the way through. Sedonia Guillone writes brilliantly capturing the readers imagination the whole way through book. Mrs. Guillone will leave you panting and salivating for more. If you love reading erotic romance paranormal books than this book is a great one!

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3.5 out 5 Fangs

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